Sunday, May 3, 2009

Unplanned trip to Sipitang, Sabah.

Waallaaaaa... Unplanned trip to Sipitang yesterday. Me and my friend actually just went out for a lunch. When we chit-chat during our lunch, suddenly I said ... " kita gi sipitang nanti nak?"... then the journey started.

The pix shown above is a way from Lawas to Sipitang.

It took about 50 minutes from Pekan Lawas ti Pekan Sipitang. When we reached Sipitang, I parked my car by the sea side and took same pictures of it. I love beach but unfortunately there's no beach in my hometown. ( Limbang)... so whenever I have a chance to go to the beach, I won't let it go. :D ...

Sipitang isn't a big town. It is quite the same with Pekan Lawas, but there are more choices when it comes to supermarket. They don't have any shopping complexes but I noticed that there is 1 new supermarket. It is quite big and got a lot of things. Rambang mata aku pilih barang.

After that, we went to Medan satay and makan-makan satay and Bakso. We had satay ayam, satay daging and satay kambing. Hehehe.. slurrrrpppeee... Medan Satay is located by the seaside and you can choose any stall you want. I think there are nearly 20 stalls that you can choose. Hurmmm.. will be there again someday.

Hurrmm.. dah kenyang.. me and my friend went back to Lawas at about 4.30PM.

Till we meet again...

Sara Jane Lulung.


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