Monday, May 4, 2009

Quite Lonely Tonight...

Heemmm... I don't have any idea on what to fill in my blog tonight but I feel like to write something here. I don't have anything else to do either. I have just finished my dinner. A lonely dinner ... I had my dinner while watching TV... huhuhu.. so sad.. No body wanna dine with me.. hihihi. Actually my housemate went back to her family house because her husband just came back from his workplace. So, I'm gonna be all alone for this 2 weeks and really miss her daughters presence around this house.

Felt so lazy to cook my dinner tonight, so I just cook a simple spaghetti for myself, an egg and a 2 sausages. :p

see.. the hangus version of sausages.. haha..

tadaaa... a simple spaghetti with mushroom and carbonara sauce..

After filling up my stomach... huh.. couldn't get up from the seat anymore... so just continue watching TV.. :D :D ....

See... the scenario.. had my dinner, watching TV and surfing on the net.. hahaha..

That's all for now... nanite and sweet dream :*

Sara Jane Lulung


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