Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Superstitious ....

Have you ever been superstitious? Well, yea … sometimes I couldn’t help myself from being superstitious even though I know that I have faith in what I believe. Yesterday, I accidentally broke a plate when I was washing the dishes. Suddenly I remembered the scenes that I’ve seen on TV: - when someone broke a plate, which means something bad may happen. I started to felt uneasy and said to myself that God will always be with my family and my loved one and may nothing bad will happen.
I remember about this one thing that happened about 15 years back. The same thing happened and later that night, we received a phone call saying that my cousin died of asthma. I couldn’t stop thinking about this thing last night.
Do you have any explanations over things like this? As for myself I can only pray to God and may He guide us all through our daily life. Amen.


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