Wednesday, April 22, 2009

That's When I Love You (Aslyn)

I have a story about this one girl. She admires this one boy. She just loves everything about this boy but she never says her heart out. She just admiring from the distance. All of her days are filled with thinking about this boy. In everything she did, in all her deeds. She can only think of this boy and could never have the courage to tell about her feeling. For her, this boy is too perfect for her. She’s nobody compares to that boy. One day, she found out that this boy actually admiring the other girl. This girl cries her heart out. She could not do anything anymore. She couldn’t even thinking about this boy anymore because it would hurt her even more.
For deary readers out there, when you love someone, just tell them so. It doesn’t matter if they say ‘NO’ to you. Just walk out with courage rather than just sit and waiting for the right time which will be too late someday.


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